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iChildAlert 1.0 is the first mobile solution that offers a convenient way to store and notify details of your child’s information in the event they become missing or abducted. The US Justice Department estimates on average 2,185 children are reported missing each day. This application will give parents a practical way to have all necessary information organized and ready should it be needed.

Users will be able to create an iChildAlert Poster with their child’s photo and key information. With the touch of a button, they can notify law enforcement as well as friends and family. Additionally, users have access to the poster from a web browser where they can print it from their home or at a local print shop. Under the pressure of a missing child, the iChildAlert easy poster creation greatly reduces the time it takes to alert those in the community of a lost child.

“This is a great tool for parents! I know that I would be completely hysterical if one of my children were to go missing or God forbid, abducted – it would not be a time when you are thinking clearly. To be able to have the poster immediately ready to be handed out and posted in my neighborhood would save precious time during those first crucial hours,” says Rachael Banvard, mother of two.

If a child is suspected missing, users can generate an iChildAlert Police Report from the data they have stored in the application. They can then print the report and take it directly to law enforcement to assist in finding their child. This will help drastically reduce the time it takes to file a Missing Persons report with law enforcement – precious time that can be used looking for the child. Profiles can be added for each child in the family with an up-to-date photo and personal characteristics.

iChildAlert comes in the following Languages: English, Spanish, German - May 2009, French - May 2009.

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iChildAlert iPhone

iChildAlert Blackberry

Neighborhood iChildAlert™ Engine
User of the iChildAlert application will have access from their cell phones to the Neighborhood iChildAlert Engine™ to create a iChildAlert Missing Person Poster™ and at the same time the able to create a iChildAlert Police Report™. See examples below.

All information that is sent to the Neighborhood iChildAlert Engine expires in one hour after the file has been sent. If you need to create the poster again, all you have to do is go back to your phone and send it again. Neighborhood iChildAlert server creates a dynamic URL for your content, which you can then send via email to Law Enforcement, Friends and Family.

Neighborhood iChildAlert Engine APIs can be adapted to deliver content to Law Enforcement Systems, Broadcast companies and through Neighborhood iChildAlert Notification System™ presently in development at Blinglet and available Q3 2009.

iChildAlert Missing Poster

iChildAlert Missing Poster

iChildAlert Police Report

iChildAlert Police Report

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